The Company (Enlite College)

Why Enlite College

With the revolution of learning that goes viral around the world after COVID19, a lot of academies and language centers have opened their doors wide for learners. However, very few of these places provide good quality and objectives-driven curricula. Enlite College is a private academy that provides special trainings and objectives-driven courses that can reach you the goals.
Enlite College uses its own techniques in providing a very fruitful learning experience to its students. It uses multiple channels of teaching like ZOOM App. which is compatible with all devices and is an interactive tool that helps so much in the learning process. The academy has its own platform that contains multiple exams and activities for each single question technique you learn during the course so you can get trained very well.
To engage our students and to help them achieve their target we depend on various channels of learning. Students learn directly from the teacher through the live session. This session is recorded so students can watch it again if they missed anything during the podcast. During the session the teacher interacts with the students and let them interact with each other by answering multiple activities on each part the teacher explains in the session so they can practice what they learn.
At home, students are usually given assignments to complete in order to track their progress. The teacher uses these assignments to develop the students and to strengthen their weaknesses before the exam. The home assignments are too much like the final exams and are considered as extension to what they learn during the live session with the teacher.
Enlite College uses competitive materials that are made up according to the objectives of the course. These materials meet the requirements and the objectives of the students from the course. They are made by specialized curriculum developers to achieve the target they made for and they are always up to date.
What is unique in Enlite college is that all courses it provides depend largely on the objectives the students are taking the course for. So, before starting the course, the teacher and the student assign the objectives of the course like the band the student needs in the IELTS or the score he/she needs in the STEP, then the teacher builds the curriculum and assign the student the needed activities to reach the target score or band.
Enlite College is always unique with its style of teaching and techniques it uses in order to help its students achieve their goals of the course they are taking.