Who we are:

We started our first school in an online environment during the COVID pandemic.
Indeed, it was a challenge to expand without compromising our quality instruction, integrity of methods and applications, thus we took a deep interest in establishing our very own “Teaching Quality Standards.” to show our strong support to quality in education and management, as the best way to ensure an exceptional experience to all learners.
Our Objectives:
– International exams or English should not be an obstacle to students in achieving their dreams and ambitions
Our Vision:
Enlite College seeks to be the leader of the education and training industry at the Saudi, Gulf, and Arab levels and the first name on the list of those seeking to manage specialized Arab expertise in the fields of education, training and preparation for tests
Our Mission:
Close the gap between students’ current level and the grades they want in the exams and urge them to master the language for business purposes and social communication in a way that contributes to qualifying them for what they seek

Why us

Exam preparation courses are very flexible at Enlite College and can be adjusted to suit your needs. You can attend the course alone or in a group.

Our training courses have been prepared by a team of the most skilled professors at Saudi universities to allow you to focus on learning through practical and automatic direct exercises with the trainer. The exam preparation course will also help you obtain the most important English language certificates in a unique way based on communication and develop basic skills for listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Highly qualified teachers are trained to prepare you for the certification you need. The course materials enable you to familiarize yourself with the format of the test. You also have the opportunity to take an infinite number of pilot tests to test your abilities at the beginning, during, at the end, and after the course as well.

Enlite College

STEP Exams

It is no secret to anyone the importance of “Qiyas” tests as they have become a prerequisite for admission to all universities, public and private colleges, in addition to military colleges, foreign scholarship programs and obtaining educational jobs. The test result is one of the criteria followed in admission to university programs and trade-offs over educational jobs.

Preparing for “STEP” tests is important for those who want to get high grades to be nominated for admission to university programs or enter into a trade-off on certain jobs. Preparation is not done without prior training on the method of performing tests, directing and clarifying their contents and parts, and explaining the way to deal with their questions so that the test taker can build the right strategies, easy and correct methods when solving the actual test questions, and pay attention to the incorrect methods in the solution that lead to wrong answers or take longer than they should
Throughout the course, we prepare applicants psychologically, cognitively and skillfully to perform STEP test.

IELTS Preparation Courses

Our IELTS preparation courses ensures you get the results you need.
what do you get?

Accessibility – Our preparatory courses start throughout the year and take place through direct communication with the instructor and you can make the most of our educational platform free of charge.
Supportive staff – Competent English teachers who use the language like native speakers prepare you to pass the test in group or individual classes.
Practice – Practice online and get educational tips and guidelines in our platform and complete the repeated and previous tests for free with their correction
for you to make sure you are ready for them.

English Language Proficiency Courses

Our students learn English interactively along with many interactive activities that are hands-on, through the supporting clubs, and immersive teaching experience through live teacher-student and student-student interactions

English Course for Adults

Improve your English language skills in an educational way that has proven effective and its results are guaranteed. It’s the perfect solution for busy people like you.
what do you get?

Small classrooms with a maximum of 5 other learners to have more personal support and time with your teacher.
Your personal trainer sets learning goals that suit you to put you on the right path and motivate you. Learn, practice and study with unlimited access to self-study activities to learn in time for you.
A learning method that has proven to be effective specifically for adults. Get a refund if you don’t reach the agreed goal at the end of the course

At Enlite College we have successfully developed a proven method that has been specially adapted to suit adult English learners like you.
Our English courses combine self-study with small classrooms with a teacher to ensure the best results. Our English courses push you towards achieving your goals.

How to learn English

Watch & Learn
Learn the language using interactive lessons to improve your listening and speaking skills. Join and record role-playing conversations from the TV series using the language you’ve learned. Complete an exercise book to practice reading and writing with instant evaluation feedback.
Practice and talk
Practice pronunciation and improve communication skills in English through interactive exercises. Focus on understanding English and improving your vocabulary rather than just studying grammar. Interactive English exercises with automatic speech recognition provide instant assessment feedback.
Start making conversations in English from day one, online. Speak real-world English with our teachers in conversation classes and in social activities.

English for Kids

As parents, you want to give your children the best possible start to their future. Their ability to speak English is an important part of shaping a successful future. Most educational facilities from universities and schools try to empower students with English, but success and empowerment in traditional ways and full classrooms is not easy. So, what other supportive options do you have as parents that give your children the opportunity to learn English? What is the effective and fun way to learn English?
what do you get?
A combination of self-study activities and study in classrooms with a team of teachers who support your children and provide them the assessment feedback they need.
Interactive learning materials that focus on the academic English study skills that children need to communicate in English such as speaking and writing confidently.
Our course focuses on listening and speaking first, so your children will be able to give presentations in English and this will help develop reading and writing skills that are useful to them in their school studies or on a personal level.

Practice and talk
Our small classes help you build skills to interact with others and with other cultures and give your children the confidence to speak in small and large groups.
Social activities and conversation classes in English enhance your children’s overall self-confidence in preparation for the next important stage of their lives