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Tips for choosing the best tutor for KSU English Course

None of the students of King Saud University doesn’t know the fact that the English language curriculum is not exactly aligned with the test. In the test, grammar and words are drawn up for levels different from the level at which the student is studying. Also, the reading passage and listening exams are not entirely from the book. Therefore, many students tend to looking for private tutors in order to facilitate this task for them, and the following is a set of tips to keep in mind when choosing the right teacher for that task.

1- You must make sure that the teacher has the specification exam file
2- Since the file will not be released until two weeks before the exam, you must ensure that if there is a difference in the file from what was taught to you by the private tutor to re-explain the program to you without any extra charge.
3- It is important to ask him about the number of full MOCK tests you are undergoing (you must not have less than two tests, one in the middle of the course and the other at the end of the course) and that these tests are outside the class time (free of charge) because they measure the success of the program
4- Ask him how well he knows the types and techniques of the questions found in the reading exam (5 types of questions and the number of questions is 10) and whether he is aware of the types of questions in listening and types of listening exams (2 types of listening, 3 types of questions, 20 questions) 5- If your major is medical, you should inquire whether the medical course is ready for him or not because it is one of the most difficult parts that need special preparation.

Good luck to our esteemed students

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